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March 12, 2009



Yes but did Thomas say it before he realised his knowledge 'seemed like straw' or after...


I wonder if that guardian angel feels like the lawyer who's been assigned to defend someone who confidentially tells him he's done the horrid crime, or do guardian angels have no emotions?


Just the mention sends a shiver. I wonder .. when he's done - and had his way - will any of us be in doubt who he was? How do you mobilise against a force like that?


call jesus


Interesting towards the end - Madame Blavatsky the "charlatan new ager" is attacked as a fraud, but defended well in the comments.

Ed- you asked


its taken me longer to read this book than any other, ever, including autobiog of a yogi; i keep, involutarily, slipping into state which makes me think (think? no, know)a significant amount of what is written here is correct. Interesting. One should work more!
By the way, dont we, so far as we may, minimise antichrist by focusing thought/energy on light? But perhaps antiC isnt all dark?

George Mills

The crisis came about because the true definition of a corporation has been lost. Everyone knows that a company exists to take raw material, apply energy, and create a product. What has been forgotten is that these 3 concepts are the same for every corporation. The raw material is people (everyone), the energy is information, and the product is a culture. What now are thought of as products should be thought of as nothing more than tools to build the real product - a culture. If all decisions are based on what's good for the culture - things like profits will take care of themselves.

Fred Burford

Vedic Rose



yeah, his Birth Certificate or is that (certificate of birth) is in Hawaii!!!


I never knew John McCain was born in Hawaii


Charlie Stanford

You were right

Kevin Dann

My new book, written with my friend Robert Powell, Christ and the Maya Calendar: 2012 and the Coming of the Antichrist (Lindisfarne/Steiner Books), approaches the significance of 2012 by exploring the dreams and visions from: ancient Persian and Hindu myth; the Book of Revelation; Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual research; and Vladimir Solovyov's turn-of-the-century vision of the coming of the Antichrist. From these variegated visions, a completely new context for grasping the end date of the Maya calendar emerges, one which is related to the incarnation of Ahriman, i.e., the Antichrist.

Anna Abrahamian

When reading the book I had to take unwillful (if one may say so) breaks and would fall into 10min power naps even after just having woken up and had my usual double espresso. The last time it happenned to me was when reading Bulgakov's Master and Margarita. Coming from a land as "mysterious" as Armenia, I found lots of notes on landscaps entertwined with spiritual symbolism simply reminiscent of my childhood on our mountains...I wonder were were the ancient Aramaic/Armenian/assyrian/Syriac tribes in your book? It seemed like to you we (their descendants)were dead...We continue in many regards the traditions of Babelonians, Arme-Shubrias, Shumerians and Hayasa, all of whch were the initial worshippers of God Ar (equal to Zeus) and have a rich mythology to this regard. The mountain Ararat was not mentioned (Noah's Ark had embarked there) and sacred places that have old ARamaic, ARmenian names had been mentioned only in today's Turkish REnames that do not correspond to the spiritual energy that one feels when visiting those sites...Many parts of ancient Armenia that were emptied of population during the genocide of 1915-18 are still unbearable to live in by local Muslim tribes (they reportedly experience extreme nightmares). The VEdic and Uru-AR-tan traditions had been developing simultaneously respectably in India and in Caucasus and Armenian happens to be one of the oldest languages and bears the stamp of ancient Arian mythology and spiritual beliefs. I hope in coming volumes of Your works, You'll cover that mysterious part of the world.


Hi Mark

One man who certainly seems to be imposing a materialistic reading on the life of Jesus, squeezing out the esoteric and spiritual aspects of the Gospels, is Robert Beckford. Just watched his TV series on the life of Jesus. Something very wrong about this man!


Just to clarify my comment, Beckford seems ostenibly to be trying to "unite the religions" by pointing out the commonality of Jesus' teachings across faiths. But at the same time he seems to be reducing the life of Jesus to one with purely political content, who was killed purely because he was an agitator, rather than his esoteric role as the Sun (Son of) -God.

Ryan Harris

Sorry to post this comment here as it is not related to the topic although i felt it was the quickest way to contacct you with my thoughts. If there is any other way i could converse my ideas with you i would definetly be open to this.
I read your book whilst on holiday in Egypt. This was fantastic as i could go out and look at figurines of the Gods such as Anubis or Horus as i was reading about them in your book. This allowed me to notice more clearly such things as links between the Gods of Egypt and the Christian religion.
I myself am christian, and attend a (i think) pentecostal, church. This "branch" of christianity im sure you will agree often involves being open minded, and many of my friends comend my questioning of ideas and controversial thoughts within the church. For example a friend of mine has major problems with his knees meaning once he is older enough he needs surgery. Many people including myself have prayed for him, yet no results. Not so long ago a group of us were discussing this my input was simple. His legs were healed it was his mindset that needs healing. Some laughed some looked sceptical, reading your book has confirmed in me that this controversial idea of mine was correct.
I have many ideas that have arrisen from reading your book that i am desperate to share. I also have many questions, both for you and memebers of my church (your point about Elohim being plural especially intrested me). I also feel that unfortunatly your book needed more elaboration about there being two Christ childs. This idea was both spectatularly shocking and immensley interesting and though provoking, yet i am desperate to know more!!!
I would love to converse further with you, and congratulations on a book that challenges our logical mindsets like no other book i have ever read.


Perhaps what we need is a dedicated forum? so readers of Secret History can share thoughts and discuss important issues raised in the book.

Not sure how feasible this may be, what do you say Mark?


Let's see what we can do....


I'm highly in favor of the idea of a seems only logical for the type of discussion that already takes place here in the comments. I've maintained forum communities for years in the past; I used to be something of a web developer, and also have some webspace that could be used (I have to check with my host on this), and a freeware script such as SMF would work splendidly. So if I can be of any help, just let me know. I'm sure there are other readers out there with similar skills, too.

Maria Rosa Young

I know someone born on that date but she's perfectly lovely ;)

So. I had this dream. If anyone can shed some light, please do...

I was in a gypsy caravan when I was invited to a conservatory to see this display of cosmic stars. At first,I was dissapointed cos it was actually a shabby old school hallway, the windows were too low to see anything and the wooden chairs were for toddlers. THEN...the biggest fattest transparent giant half moon n stars appeared like an amazing vision...
followed by a matrix grid of egyptians covering the whole of the night sky...)they were called the gardeners of the cosmos)...

Now here's the strange part...
For LA GRANDE finale, a rockband of amazing brown yetis appeared called the 'The MONKeys of love' (as they were monks and monkey hybrids)...they were chanting n playing this really surreal slow version of 'Dontcha wish yr girlfriend was hot like me...'


Pmsl...what a trip...i aplauded like crazy! Then a black kitten mewed my name 3 times then i woke up...

p.s. this is why i dont take drugs and get high on tea...


If I may, Maria?

Being a gypsy, which could represent living a relatively simple, close-to-nature lifestlye, and then being invited to a place of science to see a vision of the higher cosmos, could indicate your consciousness is being expanded to include the higher realities. This reminds me of a passage from The Secret History.

The part about the hallway and the undersize furntiture reminds me of Alice in Wonderland - which as Mark points out in the book is a coded account of intitiation. Once you passed through this stage, your dream granted you the grand celestial vision which initiates (apparently) received after their trials.

I love the last part of the dream, as I used to be in a rock band myself!! The monkey aspect reminds me of what Mark says in the book, that monkeys are the descendants of spirits who rushed into earthly incarnation too early, before the final human form was perfected. The kind of song they were singing was very much of animal consciousness, too!!

Then another animal, a cat - a sacred animal to ancient Egyptians - calls your name three times. Again, a number that links to initiation. can I go right out on a limb here and say it sounds like you might have some connection to Ancient Egypt? Hope this helps at all.



Maria Rosa Young

Cheers Anthony 4 the enlightening obs! (i have copied and pasted ;)

Doh! I didn't even get the alice in wonderland connection, how funny and so true. It was a very dusty hallway. I can relate it to certain clumsy, impatient, shambolic aspects of confidence and time issues i have. The dream I am sure was inspired by the secret history although i have had vivid dreams before but mostly when i was younger. I guessed it was about some kind of initiation as it was so vivid and phenomenal but i am still clueless to what exactly, lol. But the vision in the dream was awesome. I reckon it has to be something about journeys and revelations. As it happens i also dreamt i saw a unicorn in a forest a coupla days after. I am going to write it out fully and work out somehow what it means....

I have always felt a connection to ancient egypt. My witch name is an egyptian one. Also, i have a black cat tattooed with a bass clef 4 a tail on my right arm.

I, too thought abt the secret history' monkey incarnation thing. I also think the MONKeys of love were inspired a bit by Bigelf, this prog rock band i listen to and they are very hairy, ha!

Cheers lots again!


It'd be great to hear about your unicorn dream, perhaps you could discuss it in the new forum that Nick has kindly started?

The url is above if you decide to post. Cheers!


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