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January 14, 2009


Tőzser György

I want to share with You the existence of the engraving “Melancholia II” by Albrecht Dürer, an unknown masterpiece.
It can be seen at the site:


So true about the thick skulls part....we incarnated humans can be so pig-headed at times! Hopefully we get there eventually.


Loved your book. Do you by any chance know something of the Byzantine mind set...why they decorated their churches and icons with so much gold? Why did they attribute such powers to their icons? Was there some sort of secret adherence to alchemy? I assume they did not think as moderns do. Otherwise, their religious works could be regarded as conspicuous consumption, garishness...

Katalin Kerekes

Thanks to those who try to open others eyes. I was astonished when I found it. I wish I could understand English better. Believe me there are "gods" whos crying in the night in secret.

The second one 24 12 1979

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