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January 22, 2009



After sitting back and watching the Pope on TV recently, I couldn't help but see him as a public facing representative meeting the general expectation of the flock. Someone to tend to the masses - like Vatican PR. At the back of my mind, it sparked an idea. What if there were two Popes. One - public and known. Ornately dressed and enshrined in the Vatican City. The other, unknown, indistinguishable from you or I - walking around us doing the real work of the Church in secret.

Maria Rosa Young

i was expelled from the convent of jesus and mary for drawing jesus in drag standing on the lips of mary magdalene. this was before i read THAT trinity bizness about jesus taking mz.magdalene to the top of the mount so that he could expose his female self and produce golden seed after coupulation. its in the bible, it must be true! so why does the vatican keep that hush hush and go on about the evils of gays n trans peeps...ha! pot-kettle-black from the pope in a dress. maybe i was just born knowing the secret knowledge of patriarchal fear of the feminine...*yawn* how so last millenium* ;)


A very interesting lecture on the future (well, today, as it was written in the 50's) by a very intellegent initaite, Joesph J Weed.

Mentions, interestingly, the credit crunch!

Edward Wyatt

Mark, have u ever been to All Saints Church in Maidstone? I've been working close by for the past 2 weeks and have visited on every lunch break. The site was originally that of Saxon St. Mary's but was rebuilt in the 14th Century by Archbishop Courtenay in 1395 and is the oldest medieval building in public use in Maidstone. The other day i noticed an elderly lady locking the door so i thought i would ask if she could give me a quick look around inside. I cannot describe the awe a place like that can give you. There are too many amazing esoteric features to list. I would like to know if you know of any book or website dedicated to esoteric churches, chapels or old British buildings. If not maybe if you know of any interesting places to visit in Kent. Also must talk to you personally sometime. I appretiate you are a very, very busy man but i feel we would both benifit alot from more of a one to one chat.

Candace Scrivner

To those who desire instruction on how to work Stonehenge and other such stuctures, read the book of Enoch, the frist 3/4 of chapter 15 give instruction for the Sun and it's position in the portals. While instructions for the moon's position completes that chapter and continues into the next two chapters, interupted by explainations for understanding elementals, air, wind, and more understandings of the our Sun. The end of the lessons finish with chapter 18. Remember that moon will have to change it's orbit soon so have fun with the knowledge while you can. -Candace

C'pan Crowley

I shall look - cheers.

Charlotte Cowell

It is no more a secret, the closed circle has become a living spiral.

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