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January 19, 2009


I recently borrowed 3 books from Tunbridge Wells library, The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Bible in English, and another about Greek mythology. Currently I'm reading the first, and I must say what a facinating book. As I start to read I'm begining to think I should maybe read the old testement a few times over before so I could know what parts of it are 'never before seen'. Whomever borrowed it before me must of been very well educated in the subject as there are many notes and underlined sections. One sentence reads ...
"Early Christianity, we learn, was not a hybrid of Judaism and Hellenism- it was rooted in the native soil of Palestine."
Next to which someone has added...
"But Hellenism was rooted there too - especially after 323BC."
I'm not pointing any fingers but it wouldn't be the that unlikely would it?
Most interesting of all I have read so far has to be The Book of The Giants.
I'm unaware of what other texts on Enoch reveal but this section although fragmented is breathtaking. I know more literally now what you mean when you say "So the gods created Enkidu."
Somehow when u spoke of the Watchers I didn't imagine them taking wild animals for wives, only beautiful women. I'm not sure why but maybe I haven't been thinking as inside out as I should!

Edward Wyatt

Sorry I forgot to add my name.

Edward Wyatt

Sorry I forgot to put my name.

Jeremy Morgan

A "forest" is by original definition "a hunting ground", usually reserved for the king & chosen nobles.There don't have to be any trees in it for it to be so designated.However, in the British Isles any land left unmaintained for any length of time will automatically & gradually revert to woodland as these islands were originally covered with densely packed trees of all types & the soil is still riddled with the seeds of this memory;wh: is why we now think of trees when using the word. As all the wildlife in the "forest" was owned by the king, including birds wh: fly overhead, & was considered to be part thereof, one would still more correctly termed as "walking IN the forest" & not "ON" it.I hope that clarifies the use of the English language in this instance & in these Islands? {we used to have to do this sort of thing @ school in the 50's & 60's before we did our GCE exams -- so please don't think of me as a pedant!}


Jonathan Black is a brave soul, for revealing what he has. He's planted the seed so to speak.

What frustrates me however, is the number of people who then see it as a way to delve further into conspiracy theories and argue with one another.

Can we not see that the message here, is love. The fall of man was a fall from a realisation taht we are all one, to believing we are all separate - the book simply fills in the details.

The solution, guys, isn't to try to understand the history or argue about it - it is to ascend, to let go of our sense of separateness, and become one, once again.

'Knock and the door shall be opened onto you'. A lot of people are knocking on the wrong doors. When you knock on the door of conspiracy theory, that is what you shall find. Look within your hearts, search for truth, and you will find truth.

Jonathan Black planted the seed that would lead you back to truth - it wasn't to get you all excited about what we once were, but to awaken you to the realisation of what we can become once again.

Please, look within - let us grow together. The kingdom of God is within.

Blessed be,


Mahmoud Kanakri

Dear Mr. Black
Is it possible for me to get a copy of your book, the Secret History of the World? A copy on line is also acceptable from a generous man like you.
Looking foward to hearing from you,

I remain

Mahmoud Kanakri
Al Al-bayt Universithy, Jordan

Raphi Simonton

For a raw and devastating assessment of the relationship between Andrew Harvey and Mother Meera, read his "Sun at Midnight." Even experienced travellers on the path of esotericism can become side-tracked by what they seek. What they want to find. What he wanted so to believe in was a contemporary re-emergence of the divine feminine. What he actually found was about manipulation and power, not love.

In western spirituality, this is most often by contact with Mary, mother of Jesus. Whom the Eastern Orthodox call the Theotokos: we're all called to carry the divine at the level of the heart. Related to the older Binah; the primal matrix of Kabbalah. And to the Egyptian Isis with the Horus child.

Harvey writes about his rapprochement with Marian images in "Son of Man."

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