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January 30, 2009



Okay, I did. Now what?


Okay, I did. Now what?

Mark Booth

wait for the world to explode


Ah, chuckles

Maria Rosa Young

jesus has got a stone stuck in his mouth and now jezebel is chasing him in circles trying to get it out...

i just thought...

thats a fact...

is a thought about a fact a thought or a just an observation?

Maria Rosa Young

btw...jesus & jezebel are my goldfish and jesus has just managed to spit the stone out.


Haha - tell us when he walks on water!

Maria Rosa Young

wow...wouldn't be sumfink if the second coming was in my fish bowl...plausible after reading secret history...i will indeed keep watch...haha...well it would explain the angel visitation telling me it would be ok! ;)


Angel? Sounds intriguing, do divulge!

Camden must be a cool place to live - brought my Shisha pipe from there, years ago. Good in the Summer and what have you.

Dodgy place for purchasing your more contraband items however. The bastards are undercover there!

(so I hear...) ;D

Edward Wyatt

got halls book shop to reserve me any esoteric books, rudolf stiener etc. Just bought secret chamber! So far so good!


You should also try Watkins - staff there were really helpful in tracking down a book written by Weishaupt in his exile.

Have you read any of Manly P Hall's work?


Amazing really - I must thank Crowley, and Booth; having tried a rather quick esoteric practise recommended by the former, I overturned rather huge odds in my favour!

Mrs Basingstoke

All I could think of,
When I saw you at the counter in Restaurant 20,
Your last performance of cunnilingus, was distinctly average,
You must pour more water,
On a tart's window bow,
Before spaffing your custard,
All over my beef curtains,
After all,
I'm only trying to get ahead in my career.

Edward wyatt

the library also where very good ordered in over 10 Steiner books and had them in 3days. Also managed to find The Secret History audio book which is only £1 for 3weeks, a bargin I must say!

Edward wyatt

apologies for my very bad spelling


there's my view of the truth

there's your view of the truth

and then there's The Truth!


this blog has a sudden 28 days later feel to it

mrs basingstoke - interesting

let's leave, now

Edward wyatt

Just started Reading Atlantis and Lemuria by Rudolf Steiner.



I have a number of thoughts on matters current.

1. I read your most interesting book and as a result Went to Lorna's book signing and purchases her book, a remarkable life she has experience so far. I look forward to her follow up.

2. In your book you mention the Secret society's expect something to happen soon,perhaps as soon as 2012 and if so what.

3. We are now going into the new age of Aquarius, Is it possible that we are going backwards in time ?

4 In the book "Great Pyramid Decoded", Peter Lemesurier has some interesting graphs on the current period we are living through.

I would appreciate any comment you might have. Thanks for the books.


O.K, What I want to know is: has this thought been though before?

I've just finished The Secret History (I must say it is very good) and given that my job involves literature I was most interested in the part about Shakespeare. Now, I know Shakespeare quite well, so I was happy with the stuff about Lear and The Tempest etc... but one play has been playing on my mind this last week: Hamlet. Given the examples of "mystical" knowledge in the rest of The Secret History I keep on thinking of tens of examples in the play. Two examples:

Polonius tells his son a list of good attributes for a man: "neither a borrower or a lender be". However, at the end he says: "This above all, to thine own self be true." Earlier in the book, around the Greek period, Pythagoras I think, is quoted saying the exact same thing. Later Hamlet says: "there's nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so". Taken as psychological advice, which all interpretation I have read suggests, it means 'get over your problems by positive thinking'. However, taken esoterically doesn't it mean 'you can change your reality through the power of your thoughts? In Hamlet alone there a many many examples. I've not even begun to think about the rest of the works, though I think Macbeth, the symbolism in a lot of the Histories and certain parts of The Merchant of Venice and Measure for Measure may also have significance.

So my original though is that, and my question is, is that an original thought?


Looking back to the question as to whether or not you believe in your book - it may not be true in an "objective" sense. Nevertheless, it is true and I do not mean "spiritually true". You gave life to the writings of Steiner. You have given a "Bible" (in the best sense of the word) to those of us who follow Perennial Philosophy. Your work is as true as "Occult Science" or that of Homer. You went where many cannot go - to that place where material meets spirit - where the only reality is myth. Thank you.

The Antichrist, bitches

I committed an original sin, I poked a badger with a spoon... and "occult science" is an oxymoron. This book represents a day of my life and about R185 completely wasted

Simon Holmes

Jonathan your book has totally opened my eyes and begins to make sense of this life.I want my girlfriend to read it,however she is Portuguese and does not speak English.Has it been published in either Portugal or Brasil?
[email protected]

edward wyatt

This man has definatly seen the light

edward wyatt

I can go on and on linking things from this book and other esoteric books/ref's to old and new astronomical discoveries

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