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January 13, 2009



I'll remember Iron Phosphate, but being a Yank makes it easy for me to get and move instead of being phlegmed on.


You posted this at the perfect time JB. I've just come down with a cold. Will try it, thanks!

Edward Wyatt

I used to listen to deepak chopra audiotapes and can remener him talk of how to cure the cold. He claimed he hadn't had a cold for about 20 years. To do this he explained that he simply stoped believing that it was a possibility. By literally telling the pathagon this was not a suitable host. I mean I'm into my positive thinking but do you think this is achievable?


Yeah, us Yanks have no problem moving, although lately I have been surprised at the people I have met in the US who are sick and don't use tissue, just wipe everything on their hands, seats, eeeeek ...weird. Been carrying alcohol wipes because making a scene would mean getting out of the transit van!

For me, it's grapefruitseed extract which is a natural antibiotic - antiviral etc. I take in the winter along with Vit C. 1000+. but I will add the Iron, thanks! I haven't been sick since I stopped eating meat.

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