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September 21, 2008



The story of the three fish swimming reminded me of another 3 fish story found in "Tales of the Dervishes" by Idries Shah, the noted Sufi. One idea the Sufi's entertain is that the practice of loving your fellow being in a non sexual way, free of recompense will eventually turn you into that verb. Instead of being a person who loves his fellow human beings, you simply become love, and you show it to everyone and everything. It sounds to me, and I'm going from this post, that perhaps David Foster Wallace had this understanding, even if he did commit suicide, which makes me wonder, was it truly suicide? I bring to mind Thích Quảng Đức, who to most people committed suicide, but for those with a little more awareness realized what he did was an act of protest which put into action events that changed the Buddhist crisis happening with a particular regime.


Thanks, Al - I've reaponded in part above. Is DFW a star in the States? He's not very well known here at all.


Unfortunately I wasn't aware of DFW until your post. My ignorance on this writer is now being corrected. :D

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