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September 27, 2008



"We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when..."

Keep on, keepin' on, Brother. This is just the beginning.


Just because we've been with you from the beginning, doesn't mean this is the end. :D

I'll read when you post something new, and stay in touch.


"Anddd in the end,

The love you take,

is equal to the love... you make"

Not the end, just... auvior!


Just finished your book yesterday afternoon, sitting in the SUN! Yes! I might add...excellent read, one of the best I have had the fortune to come upon in the last few years. Books can contain doors and yours is jammed full of them - I had written a piece a few years back about using the 'wheel' (33) - spokes to travel as well as move the assemblage point. Reading your discussion of it was very affirming - many people do not understand the concept much less the mechanics.

In addition, your book contains so many more little doors to unlock - the vegetable path perhaps the most interesting to me. I am fortunate as much of the information I have been given has come as 'illumination' - and then to have it explained, researched and detailed is incredibly empowering. I have had an incredible life - books like this are reverberating reflections - they are very very loud toning bells.


Oh, how sad. I hope you can start up again. Good luck.

George Mills

I'm sorry that this is happening just as your book and this site came into my life. Just remember that Saturn's influence is always temporary.

Frank Roberts

Sorry to hear that you are letting the blogging rest for a bit. I enjoyed the book and always like to see what you`d posted. Looking forward to its return. And good luck with the publishing.
Frank Roberts

Sean Harnett

Dear Mark,

I have been meaning to write to you for some time to express my gratitude to you for writing Secret History, and now seems like a good time: to let you know the impact your 'light' thoughts have had on me.

In many ways, reading your book kickstarted for me the process of reclaiming some kind of intellectual heritage (Terry Eagleton often writes that the Irish are a nation of idealists, who've never had much truck with Anglo-American pragmatism; which, if not totally true, is true enough to be useful). I finally admitted to myself--finally, after more than a decade of intellectual confusion!--that although I was taught at university to believe in Materialism with my head, at heart I am an Idealist.

In the past few months, I've found myself going back to all those books I used to feel embarrassed about owning, but which I somehow never rid myself of: Raine's book on Yeats and Tradition, for instance, which I am re-reading at the moment with a new-found appreciation for the lineage of Yeats' thought.

This probably wouldn't have happened without the catalyst of your book, so, thank you. I'm very grateful for the nudge.

Good luck with the new book, and, in the meantime,

Be Well,

- Sean


I've been struggling to find something worthwhile to say on the blog recently - although my circumstances actually haven't changed that much recently, it all just feels a bit of an effort. That kind of mental drain when everything around you is falling apart, and you really struggle to keep yourself from following it.

But it can be done; it's a pain in the proverbial but we can get there in the end. As you say, it's about love but it's also about that kind of love where you know someone's backing up what you're doing, even though you may not have mentioned it to them.

Keep in touch, mate. We're all still here and all still thinking about you, and in our own little way, walking the same paths. Meet you at the other end?

michael seabrook

still puttung reply togeather for your book, whicj by the way was a excellent read. my son is teethinh as we speak my reply to your book will be done around his sleeping, don't worry bout typo's iam S@!T THANK GOOD FOR SPELL CHECK
do you have another book in the pipe line


Cherish a bit of needed space, Mark! - can't blame you at've given us all so much already...perhaps one is reminded here of the I Ching hexagram 'Return', i.e., let it all come back in its own good time - & also, just to say many (many) thanks for being such an inspiration for some time, anyway. Your book was an experience, a doorway. At times like this (& yes, I'm going through a bit of it myself at the moment, having had a totally unexpected experience at Chartres recently), have had to totally change what I'm working on. A final thought came to mind just now - from Tennyson, '...Knowledge comes, but Wisdom lingers....'


I'm so thrilled that you have a blog. I've been wanting to write you, similar to Sean's above comment, to express my thanks for writing the Secret History. It took a lot of guts to throw it out into the open and I'm so grateful that you did. This book really changed my life in so many ways, I cannot even begin to express. I've always been a religious person, but after reading your book, my thirst for new esoteric knowledge cannot be quenched!

I'm also thrilled to hear that you have something yet more substantial than the Secret History in the works; you have my support all the way!

Also, I find it very comforting that there are people here reading your blog; it's nice to know there are still esoteric-minded people in the world.

Now on the note of something a bit more relevant to your post, after reading it, I realize this very thing has been happening to me recently as I try to plan my future and compose some new music. But, as George said above Saturn's influence is always temporary, so come what may, yes?

Keep writing, we're all eagerly awaiting your next post!


Signore Mark,
I look forward to your next post,I feel very fortunate to have come accross your wondrous writings/knowledge.
Clarity and Empowerment is the gift bestowed by your posts and " A secret history" .
It was the essence of all my searching /knowing but couldn't express it in words........ the intangible.
At least i feel sane now , not sure if the world thinks i am.
Thankyou for the many doorways, keep writing for the world to read.


I finished your book few days ago. Most say that for me was sometimes difficult and sometimes made completely sense. But that's because English isn't my first language. Anyway. Your book is incredible. I loved it. So many stuff that I heard before but that didn't really made sense at the time and after read your book was so much clear and easy.
I really liked it.
So much that in the past month while I was reading I thin I may gave it away as present for more then 6 people...and like that they gave to more and more.
Your book is a success. I'm sure you're happy with it.
Daniele Santino
(from Brazil but living in London)


It's funny how it happens - one minute I'm sitting in a Starbucks inside Borders bemoaning the loss of any spiritual dimension in my life - the next minute as I'm leaving, The Secret History of the World catches my eye.

It took me back a decade or so - to when I last drank from this stream. The thirst can drive you mad - but when you drink you feel alive again. The book was totally compelling.

Like other people on this site - I feel the overwhelming need to commend the Author for taking the time and effort to create this book. JB - this really has given food for thought.


Hy! I'm from Croatia,I can't read you'r post because I'm not so good in english. I just wanna say to you that I really like your book (and robert bauval) "secret of orion". I hope I will read this, and I wish that R. Bauval have blog so I can comment to him too....

i hope ypu will read this,sorry


Dear Mr. Booth,

Thank you very much for The Secret History of the World. I think, for I do not know yet, that it will address many issues that for the longest time made me question whether or not I was born mad. I am up to page 40 of your book, and already that familiar tingling has prompted me to drop you a message.

When I was younger I always wondered if life were all but a dream. It always seemed a lot more probable than trying to understand when they told you skin was merely skin, air was merely dust, and all the other convenient truths.

Perhaps in the future when we are all dead and gone, the inhabitants of the future (A.I or robots, whatever they may be) may dream of long forgotten humanity and think perhaps we were the gods who invented the universe and birthed their race in our image.

I'm going to finish reading your book now.
Thanks, and good night.

Maria Rosa Young

I have just begun reading 'Secret History' and cant put it down! Funny story! Yesterday I was in therapy. I had been anxious but recently started accepting that the magic of female intuition is normal so I shouldn't be afraid of that when i have dreams or insight. But, then fretted that I couldn't concentrate even to read 'Alice in Wonderland'! which i LOVE! ( Tho! Alice and the cheshire cat recently inspired a song of mine 'Too Damn High'). My therapist suggested because I love browsing in shabby bookshops I should pop around the corner to 'Skoobs' secondhand bookshop where eventually I came across your book (all on its own)on top of a pile in the esoteric section. To me this was serendidpity! Just what I was looking for to help understand things and myself better. When I can focus I am an avid reader and have read up on quite a few subjects that arise including Mary Magdalenene but some books are so well...yawn! I also have a degree in Philosophy & Applied Psychology which included a module in 'The Philosophy of the Paranormal'taught by Peter King. Although I shall remain a healthy skeptic, I only do so in the knowledge that magic exists, paradoxical like the looking glass, lol. Anyhoo, it is SO well written and captivating. So I thankyou for spending all those years to write it ;)


Lemon what type of music do you do?


I do what I like to call Rock-based (leaning towards the power metal/Neo-classical metal side of Rock) genre fusion in the presentation format of the relatively subcultural Japanese style Visual Kei, which Google can tell you more about than I can (though I feel inclined to point you towards the band MALICE MIZER as an example) :)


Sounds estoeric in itself to say the least! I'll be sure to check it out.

I like the name Lemon.


Excellent! I'd point you towards my own music which is definitively esoteric but as of now it's a work very much in progress...

As for the name Lemon, I rather like it too! :)


John Lemon! ;)

Let us know when it's all done and I'll have a damn good listen :)


Love and conscience is the main lessons. So, why secret societies remain secret... why not to spread their believes in order they will be achieved by many more ?

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