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June 17, 2008



It would be permanently memorable at the next UFO event you get to speak at if you ride up on a motorbike, and run over a couple of greys who are in the process of abducting someone in the audience. ;D


To confirm your book's thesis: In 1981 I was practicing self-hypnosis to help me sleep. At that time there was an occult book shop in Laguna Beach (CA) called Red Lion Books. In this shop I purchased a book titled “Practical Time Travel,” by Colin Bennett. I performed some of the exercises in the book. As I continued the exercises, an unexpected thing happened. After several months I was able to see the entire future while in a semi-conscious state.

The experience always began in the same way. I would be sound asleep and begin to awake at the sound of shouting. My first shock was to realize that the shouting was from my own throat. I was not only shouting, I was also sitting up. The reason for the shouting was understandable. I was "seeing" the entire future at one take. As I became aware of this, I also became aware of a sharp tingling at the top of my head. It was almost like electricity. I knew in that moment that (1) the mortal mind was not meant to possess this knowledge; (2) my possession of this knowledge was temporary; (3) I could take a small fragment of this knowledge with me; (4) I had only seconds to choose which fragments to keep. Inevitably, the tingling sensation would travel down my spine and exit my body along with omniscience itself. This experience happened three times in the course of a week.

As a result of these experiences I consulted a Jungian psychologist with the initials WVK. It was during this phase that a teacher began to appear in my dreams, on a regular basis. In one dream I was shown “the future presidents of the United States.” I saw Reagan, Bush, Clinton and the younger Bush. “Where are the others?” I asked. The teacher replied: “There are no others. After these, the Republic ends.”

There was another dream related to the same subject, involving the age of “mass man” (in which I met First Consul Bonaparte, who told me that the mass men would rise in his time and succumb during my own.) I also had an encounter with a commanding goddess figure engaged in bringing about the transformation of the ages.

Eventually, WVK began to share his encounters with supernatural beings. These were part of a group charged with “directing history.” He wasn’t sure if these entities were objectively real or projections of the “collective unconscious.” He’d been wrestling with this for many years. One of the beings had the appearance of a man, with blue eyes and dark skin and reddish brown hair. He called this being “Michael.” There was also the spirit of a disincarnate priest from ancient Egypt. I cannot remember the other details he gave, except that he related three facts about the future (which I did not credit at the time).

According to WVK, Germany would be reunited in 1990. He also said that World War III would begin shortly after the turn of the century with a terrorist attack on New York. (He said the war would eventual involve the use of nuclear weapons.) Last, but not least, he said that around the year 2011 a political movement would begin, under the leadership of twins. This political movement would eventually change the world. He also said the twins were born in late August 1971. They would emerge in the vicinity of Shasta, California. All this information was imparted to me in 1981.

I must confess, I did not believe Germany would collapse in 1990 as WVK predicted. I also did not believe World War III would start with a terrorist attack in New York. I do not know what to make of the prediction concerning the "twins."

Perhaps you have an insight into this.

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