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June 19, 2008



There's a parallel universe somewhere where you have parquet flooring and no shirts at all...

I think using the term "parallel universe" is contradictory - implying that there is more than one "verse" must therefore make the universe a multiverse. Pointless semantics, I know, but it's important to me. By merely saying "universe" I am suggesting that it is unique and nothing else exists - there is only one plane of existence, and we're on it. Which is harsh.

My late father payed me a visit last night. I know it's him, because he keeps turning the light on and waking me up. I told him to welcome my best friend's father, who died yesterday, and went back to sleep feeling much better.

Does this count as "experiencing a parallel universe"? I had always thought it was just part of life.


Don't forget the white jacket with ridiculously long sleeves that fasten in the back. ;D


Say what you want about thoes jackets Al but they've always kept me warm!



I've got one of those jackets too Nick, but mine is more PETA compliant since yours has the fur lined collar. :P

jonathan black

I don't quite follow , Stef. The visit from your father seems to imply a visit from another plane?


It's a bit of a running joke in our house, but I will explain...

My father died four and a half years ago.

I have a bedside lamp that is turned on by touching the base. It's one of those cheap things you get from Argos, you know the ones. Anyway, usually it works fine but some nights - usually when I've just dropped off - it switches itself on. So I switch it off. And this will happen three times - no more, no less. Finally I'm awake and I'm aware of a presence. Can't see anything in the dark (without my specs) but I just know it's there. Anyway, over the years, I have decided that it's Dad and I tell him all about the things on my mind.

And then the light goes off and stays off. Until the next time. I get about one visit a month. Doesn't bother me, but I'm aware it's a bit odd.


That's very moving Stef. I'm sure it is your father.

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