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June 26, 2008



Esoteric training increases your level of consciousness, when your consciousness goes up, so does your awareness and you start to notice things you never knew were there before, so noticing the subtle shifts in voice, eye blink rate, respiration, and other parts of body language of when a lie takes place would be easy to discern. I also believe a fully conscious person can discern a lie without even having to notice these physical cues, and in this case perhaps hear, see, or feel the lie on a level mere mortals haven't fully grasped.

I would have given the Senior Freemasons a test to see if they could catch me lying. That would have been a lot of fun provided I'm not breaking etiquette or showing disrespect. :D


My late father, late uncle and very present brother and cousin (two brothers and their two sons, basically) are/were all Freemasons, as is my father in law... not that I fib particularly, but they can tell when there's a part of the truth I'm not keen on parting with!!!

Incidentally, the father in law is trying to find out if there are Lady Masons (i.e. Freemasons for Girls) as he seems to think that I'd benefit from it. I'm less sure. Give me a set of rules and the first thing I do is start finding out how to break them!


I've had some approaches from Freemasons recently, and I think they're all great guys. I'm taking what they're telling me very seriously. But there is a masculist side to Freemasonry that is a bit off-putting.

I heard about a Rosicrucian lodge, not AMORC but one affiliated to Grand Central Lodge that I'm thinking about looking into.

Vincent W

Stef - As a Freemason myself I can assure you that yes there are such things as Lady Masons. Their lodges, like the male versions, are single sex lodges (at least they are under UGLE regulations). Lady Masons originated quite a while ago, I believe in France. There was also mixed sex lodges in France but whether or not they still survive I couldn't say. One place to look/research is for "Lodges of Adoption" these often referred to Masonic Lodges into which women were admitted.
Whether or not, however, this has been transported across to the U.S. I couldn't say but I am certain that those of the US Masonic fraternity that are recognised by UGLE (United Grand Lodge of England) would be able to look into the matter, or apply for information on it.
If you wish I would happily try to get a hold of some information on Women in Freemasonry and arrange for it to be emailed or posted to you.

An interesting point to note regarding Lady Masons is that they title themselves in the same way as men, i.e. a regular lady mason is known as Brother Jane Smith.

In regards to the 'breaking of rules' I've found in my time with the Masons, I'm really only just beginning my voyage into Freemasonry (I have my second degree coming up in Jan/Feb time), there aren't really "rules" per say that one has to follow. As has been mentioned in Jonathan's book there is an oath of fidelity that is required, this oath basically trusts that you have enough self respect for your own word to not break it by revealing any secrets belonging to Freemasonry. The other "rules" are really just set ways of doing ritual, the logic behind this is obvious really - if it's been done that way in the past and worked it can continue to work (or as they say in Yorkshire - If t'ain't brock, dun't fixit - transl. If it isn't broke, don't fix it). As well as charges on your own person to basically be a good person to all people (though it is believed that you are already someone who follows those rules before you have joined).

John - I kind of understand where you're coming from with the masculist of masonry but I have to say it's actually been one of the things that I have come to like. There's something to be said about the bond that is created between members of an asexual body, I can't quite put the right words down but in fear of sounding corny and blatant - it creates a strong feeling of brotherhood between you all. (I'm sure similar feelings are felt by sports teams, which tend to be single sex arrangements).
I am currently half way through your book but as a self-proclaimed Pantheist I had a strange feeling when I read it. 'Religiously' I have tried to come to my own conclusions on the correct path, the way, or whatever one wishes to call it. This has lead me to go through phases of being Christian, Hindu & Buddhist with strong interest and affiliations with Islam and Judaism (which are for all intents and purposes closed to me at the moment for one reason or another). I have, since childhood, been interested in ancient Greek mythology and it's connections to that of Roman as well as to a lesser extent the more ancient Egyptian mythology. I've also looked into and been interested in other ancient ways of life from the west, that being Native American beliefs and Aztec/Mayan/Incan beliefs and mythologies.
Having done all this predominantly on my own I was therefore amazed to find that the 'conclusions' on religions and their true (or hidden) meanings was mirrored almost exactly by what you have said in your book.
You, however, have also brought to my attention various other things that I had not given full consideration before and I would like to say thank you for that. I will most definately look into these areas more deeply.
One thing that you've mentioned, that I had thought on but never really fully researched into (not that any of my research could be considered full by academic standards) is reincarnation. I've often had the notion that reincarnation MUST be a form of mental re-formatting in order to allow the space for extra storage, though I must admit I half toyed with the thought that perhaps the memories were placed into a Universal melting pot. Almost thinking that we are 'here' to gather as much information on life as we can before returning it to the universal conciousness so that it too may experience new things. (But this is a work in progress and is far too unrefined at present to really make sense to anyone else). This direction of thinking, however, did lead me to question whether there was a way or protecting (or partially protecting) ones mind against this reformatting, thus allowing past life experiences and knowledge to be used in the next life. One such use could be -
A researcher looking into a certain area could, in effect, learn all he can in one life time and then be allowed to continue his research in his next lifetime as a different 'person' but with a better basic understanding of the topic area.
Anyway I'm waffling so I'll stop for now on that topic.

On another note - I happened to visit the Rosicrucian (AMORC) site today, being the nosey little bunny I am, and I noticed that Ben Franklin was listed as a member of their society. As a side point he is also listed as a member of the Freemasons. This, however, did strike me as odd as I was certain that I'd read on this board that someone had read the Rosicrucian manifesto and that part of it called for what one can only describe as one single unified world bank. The reason I say it's strange is simply because in a letter written by Ben Franklin he stated that the American Revolution and subsequent establishment of independence was in part brought about to bring an end to Centralized Banking in America.
That said the world is full of a great number of conflicts and inconsistencies so perhaps one could chalk this up to that.


yes, I mentioned the manifesto

Zeitgeist Addendum has an interesting theory regarding the fed

Vincent W

I've seen it. I couldn't help but wonder if something similar has occurred once more though obviously idle speculation in such a matter could have disastrous consequences for any company falsely accused.

To be honest Zeitgeist's point that it made regarding Moses ushering in the change from the Age of Taurus to the Age of Aries and likewise for the Christ ushering in the change from Aries to Pisces does seem rather logical. I mean the point they made about the 'Golden Calf' intended as a representation of Taurus again makes sense, why direct your mental energies towards a constellation that no longer has the greatest effect on your planet.

Here's an interesting point to make that is somewhat ridiculously controversial - as Jonathan mentioned in his book Lucifer is referred to as the Morning Star, creating with it an undeniable link to Venus, etc. If I'm not mistaken two other characters in Ju-Ch-Is history have been referred to in connection with the Morning Star - the Christ & King David.
Not that I'm implying anything by that since I rarely ever try to break with harmonious dealings, but it is a point that could be worth investigating.


Ah - a pantheist - a rare breed. I am a deist. Interesting idea of the morning star - something worth investigating.


What was the AMORC Lodge like?

Vincent W

I don't know that one but I'd be interested in knowing the answer. It does, however, lead on to an interesting point I've been thinking of today.
I was on youTube the other day posting responses to some narrow minded views on Freemasonry. There was one chap who made the claim 'why do secret societies think that they can hoard their knowledge and not tell everyone it.'
My new answer to such a question is draw a perfect hexagon, connect each opposite corner to the other with a line. What is it?
Some people may be aware of an answer. Some people may even be aware of the correct answer. But unless they have been initiated and taught it then they will never KNOW the answer or understand its true meaning.


Thank God you're posting - you're very right about the youtube bunch.

Even The Beatles, (my favourite!) are under attack from bizaare Christian right wing conspiracy theorists who keep cropping up.

Their favourite is that on "Help!" Album Cover has Paul doing a pose that one could argue looks like the infamous baphomet drawing - quite why the templars would focusing their energies on day tripper and we can work it out I don't know....

Very interesting post on the knowledge - rather sinc, in fact...

clearly 'rock on' is somewhat lost on them.


Never lie to anyone, you WILL be found out.
Please let's not be biased against any sub culture, it feels awkward and limiting.
Should someone tremble near an "initiate" or " conspiracy theorist"? It is just language that is there to limit experience.

I am un-able to see the difference between, say, an artist or Freemason, or anyone else for that matter.
They are just people who have either recognized or been taught another perspective on their existence.

Breathe in breathe out



lol Harry the x was a lovely sign off


"This direction of thinking, however, did lead me to question whether there was a way or protecting (or partially protecting) ones mind against this reformatting, thus allowing past life experiences and knowledge to be used in the next life.

One such use could be -

A researcher looking into a certain area could, in effect, learn all he can in one life time and then be allowed to continue his research in his next lifetime as a different 'person' but with a better basic understanding of the topic area."

Vincent if you are still around, or for others this is the whole idea of Re-incarnation - your Soul Capacity increases so your intelligence, Spiritual leanings, Knowledge ect stays with you and thus grows with each incarnation.

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