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June 25, 2008


michael seabrook

hello again.
nealy read all of your book.plenty of more questions wheni have finnished it but for now. i am under the impression of how your book gives a a recipe for the evovlment of the human race. with different thought processes happining at set times guided by zodiacal times, like adding different ingredients to a mixed vegatable soup. at one point carrots then at a different point tomatoes and so forth. working for a end result. could the blueprint for our evolement of come from else where?

michael seabrook

writing up questions from your book. will post them by wkend. but for now any thoughts on the above question?

michael seabrook

another bit i ment to mention
Through out history certain sites have been regarded as portals for spirits. Cracks in the normal fabric of ofthe space time continuum
Faries by janet bord
Stone circles, standing stones and berial mounds are thought to be naturally charged with physical forces
It shows the rocks used by the aincents to build these sites was important. Quartz is often seen at such sites. Its peuszo electric properties have caused researchers into earth energies to wonder if it was chosen for its special qualities. Perhaps its ability to assist those performing rituals to enter into another dimension of being.

michael seabrook

just realised i cant put up response to book as to large. have you got a email addres i can send it too?

Vincent  Wadsworth

I'm not sure whether you'll pick this up as it's an old thread but it seemed the best place to put it.
In the book you spoke about an esoteric belief of the creation of the Universe and the first battle between Saturn and Gaia that the Sun had to intervene in in order to defeat Saturn.

I was curious where in your research you came across this/where I could go to find out more about it as it is an area I would very much like to look into further.


I have a question, when you say in your book that ideas and imagination are not fantasy but reality itself, you mean that the imaginary friends of childhood are real?

in your book secret history, you say how humans are being influenced by stars, and how we are all being guided and effected by asteral alignments. moving thru different cycles evey 2,100 years.
in serpent of light by drunvalo melchizedek he says earth is carbon and silicon, the effect of solar flares caused by planet alignment, vibrating thru earth effecting humans, could these solar waves vibrating thru earth open the eye chakra

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