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October 13, 2007


Paul Priest

Sin torn away by Demons ?
Where did you get that from ?
This is most definitely NOTHING REMOTELY RESEMBLING the teaching regarding Purgatory within the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church - perhaps you should read the latest on the issue if you've got a few minutes where you can drag yourself away from your conspiracy theories regarding the Templars - Phillip wanted their money dude ; and to usurp their [in his eyes] unwarranted authority throughout the known world.

templar knight

Templar does not win you the game outright, you can move easily in the Templars and the fanatics with high load. You already have all the necessary structures, just to build a Templar Archives and Research Charge Twilight Council. Do not forget your dark templar at the end of the game, either. If a Terran Ravens travel with his army, you can send your Dark Templar and Zealots do massive damage before it even knows there is DT in there.

knights templars

Templars are good to have units in your army Protoss. They can not attack the fighting because they have no weapons, but they can be used to turn the tide of battle. They are mainly known for their exceptional ability, storm Psionics research on the archives of the Templars.

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